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Go-Kart Parts
The following parts below are the most common parts in the industry. However, we do sale other parts for karts.


What parts do we sell?
We have nearly every part you can imagine for a kart.
From the front to back of the kart we stock pedals, tie rods and ends, spindles, steering wheels, brake rods, throttle cables, engines, linkage packs, clutches, chain guards, wheels, tires, tubes, sprockets, chains, axles, brake bands, seat belts, and bearings.
In terms of frames and rolling chassis we have a variety in several different stages, from completely stripped down to just needing an engine bolted on though you can still build yours from scratch if desired, check the rolling chassis section of the site often for updates though the shop has dozens of karts not listed quite yet due to the moving inventory.
We don’t sell some of the smaller items for example: hardware like nuts and bolts, paint, hard back seat cushions which you can easily construct to your own size. Everything else on the kart should be in stock though.
Why build your own kart?
Go-Karts make fantastic projects for shop classes.
Building a kart can be a great learning experience for any age.
Karts built personally can have a greater personal value than buying.
Projects can lead to great bonding experiences between families and friends.
Customization through choosing parts lets the kart be a creation of your very own.
Need help?
We are willing to give advice and tips if you get stuck at any point, just come on by during normal hours.
You are always welcome to come to the shop and take a look at any kart we have in stock to get ideas for your next project and see what we might have to help you.
Should you arrive at a stopping point we do give free estimates on repairs, though we will not fully restore a kart or paint them for you, we focus on mechanical workings and not aesthetic values.